• Our Story

    ETHYC4HUMANITY is a luxurious athletic brand founded by Rani Nicole, a fashion enthusiast inspired by personal transformation through the power of affirmations. ETHYC4HUMANITY is where luxury and sustainability cohabitate. Our brand is dedicated to creating high-quality ethically made clothing that brings awareness to fast fashion and the impact it has on our planet.
  • On her journey

    Rani was moved to action after viewing the documentary film "The True Cost”. The film opened her eyes to the negative impact of Fast-Fashion on the environment, as well as identified a niche in our society for conscious Slow-Fashion. With the realization that fashion and ethics could go hand in hand, the ETHYC 4 HUMANITY concept was born. Through a series of growth stages, Rani first designed the Headstrong Headband to bring the concept to life. Rani believes “you can create the life you want” and is now expanding conscious awareness to the world with ETHYC 4 HUMANITY.
  • Rani created a clothing brand committed to producing stylish clothing items in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Working with ethical manufacturing companies to produce fun, comfortable, durable and socially conscious Athleisure fashion. ETHYC 4 HUMANITY uses organic and eco-friendly materials whenever possible to help reduce the carbon footprint. People were drawn to the brand's ethical and sustainable production practices and embraced the movement towards Slow-Fashion. With more socially conscious buyers, ETHYC 4 HUMANITY gained popularity and became known for its unique style and commitment to social and environmental responsibility.
  • As the brand grew, Rani's partners joined her to take ETHYC 4 HUMANITY to take the brand to retail stores. Together, they expanded the brand's product line and increased product availability, while continuing to prioritize ethical and sustainable production practices. Today, ETHYC 4 HUMANITY continues to thrive. Rani and partners are proud to have created a brand that not only reflects their love for fashion but also has a positive impact on the world. They hope that a commitment to Slow-Fashion with the fun, motivational, and inspiring Athleisure wear will inspire others to make ethical and sustainable choices. We are part of a movement towards Slow-Fashion and a life committed to continuous improvement and betterment for all.
  • Ethyc4Humanity is the perfect choice for the conscious consumer who wants to make a difference while looking and feeling their best.