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Welcome to Ethyc 4 Humanity​

We encourage you to make your move joining us in spreading joy, positivity and knowledge.

Our Story

Today is fast paced. Today is nonstop. Today is overwhelming. Today is slowly killing us and our planet.  We believe in tomorrow. We believe in deep breathes. We believe in taking the time to do what’s right for ourselves, as one human family and our mother earth.

As Global citizens, we want to create high-quality products that helps us build a community & understanding, while helping to de-stress our lives and our planet. 


That is why ETHYC works to create high-quality products with verified vendors that care as much about sustainable materials that are ethically made as we do: no toxic chemicals, only earth based organic dyes, organic sustainable cotton, made by human hands at fair wages to support women globally.

Our Suppliers

We are proud to call Work+Shelter our main supplier. Member of the Global Organic Textile Standard and experts in sustainable and socially responsible textile processing.


De-Stress Our Lives, De-stress Our Planet.

Featured Product

Uplifting Organic Non-Slip Headband

made with 100% Organic materials

Our comfortable, stylish and Non-Slip headbands will fit anyone on your list!