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As Global citizens, we want to create high-quality products that help us build a community & understanding, while helping to de-stress our lives and our planet.

From The Creator

Rani Nicole

Hello, my name is Rani. When I was a little girl I had two dreams: to be in the fashion business and to change the world. Growing up, all the odds were against me. I never felt like I was enough, until one day a doctor diagnosed my learning disability as oxygen deprivation and fixed it. Now I have learned that we can do anything. I am starting ETHYC as my second company that demonstrates our power to make health the foundation of fashion.


As a child, I always wanted to wear headbands, but they would fall off or hurt my head. I thought I was the only one. At age 17, I became a model. Headbands were big in the modeling world. I thought the texture of my hair or the shape of my head was the reason my headbands didn’t stay on. Or gave me a headache if they did. There are great photos of me without a headband. I left modeling determined to find something more fulfilling. And through prodigious reading and experimentation, I have.

-Cereal Entrepreneur-

My mind exploded with ideas. What are we being asked to eat and wear? Trying to feel and look good, we are betrayed by the
chemistry of our food our clothes. I experimented over 1,000 hours in the kitchen to create a cereal that filled you up while it slimmed you down. Overnight it was flying off the shelves of Whole Foods and other major food store chains. It’s not easy to be a cereal entrepreneur. Demand outstrips supply. I was injured. I needed capital.


Headbands are essential to the fashion and health is the foundation of fashion. The comfortable headband slips. The world is full of headbands claiming “no slip.” If your headband fits too tight, your head aches. Read the online reviews. My friends are marathoners, martial artists, yogi’s, cardio bunnies or gym rats. They all had the same headband problem. They couldn’t believe I had found the solution, until they began working out with mine.

-Ethyc 4 Humanity-

Fast Fashion is poisoning the world. From workers not being treated ethically or paid fairly to chemicals released into their water supply. There are birth defects, children with damaged organs and brains, farmers taking their lives because they can’t afford the expensive seeds they have to buy. This is not just an oÖshore problem. Those wasteful disposable Fast Fashions made with polyester blends go into our landfills and do not decompose. They will poison our groundwater and our air for the next 1,000 years. I saw all this and decided to start ETHYC4HUMANITY. We will make safe and comfortable apparel without poisoning the world or bankrupting the people who live in it. It all starts with a headband that does not slip. Where does it go from here? Well, remember, I am also a cereal entrepreneur.

Organic Cotton

Ethyc 4 Humanity’s apparel is made from natural organic cotton. We bring you soft, breathable clothing that lends itself to both a fashionable and functional design. Our fashions feel light, do not slip, and are very durable. We make you look and feel good while we also make a smaller ecological footprint on a stressed planet. Clothes made from non-organic conventional cotton may have high levels of agrochemicals in their production process. This leaves toxic residue in the soil, which may affect food crops. Residual toxins in the fabric may be absorbed by your skin. In fact, we believe that the production process for non organic conventional cotton uses more chemicals per unit than any other crop and accounts for ten to sixteen percent of the use of herbicide, insecticides, and defoliants around the world.

The rising trend towards Fast Fashion creates an ever-higher demand for conventional cotton, with the escalating environmental pesticide load on the soil and on you. Fast Fashion also produces a demand for short growing cycles that are often met by BT cotton, a GMO crop with an encoded DNA made up of bacterial pesticides that may exhaust the soil and bankrupt the farmers growing it. This is why we launched an organic, GMO-free, sustainable non-slip headband and reduce your personal eco footprint with comfort and style. When you wear our headband, your body won’t be absorbing insecticide or pesticides. You will be increasing the demand for environmentally sustainable organic cotton. And you will help to sustain world agriculture by improving the soil and enabling farmers to make a living without poisoning the land, their neighbors or themselves. Every purchase you make is a vote for a manufacturing style. Let’s work together to enable our stressed planet a chance to heal.

Our Suppliers

As a part of the global community, we want to help develop the “Slow Fashion” movement by bringing you fashionable quality, health-giving apparel and helping heal a stressed planet.